16″ Stainless Steel Wire Cooling Bakery Tray (CLT1601)

The CLT1601 is a 16″ stainless steel wire cooling baking tray. 

This 16″ tray is made from stainless steel making it durable and strong perfect for constant use in any busy commercial kitchen environment. The wire cooling baking tray features a mesh design that enables air to circulate easily around your food when in the oven. Allowing for a even bake and quicker cooling improving your preparation and serving times. 

Length: 737mm
Width: 406mm
Tray Wire Thickness: 2.5mm

Not only do we supply aluminium baking trays, but our wide range of complementary products such as bakery racksbread crates, and bread crate dollies have been designed to meet all of the requirements of bakeries, kitchens and food manufacturing facilities.  Click here to see the full range of Baking Racks available from Richmond.

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