Bread Crates

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Bread Crates

Many businesses find the issue of storage and transport of their goods as one of central importance. Space is often at a premium and getting products around for adjustment, packaging and loading can be a constant source of damage or wastage. Nowhere is this more apparent than in industrial or independent baking. Baked goods can spoil easily if they aren’t treated with care, so it is critical that storage solutions are built to purpose.

As a company that has worked with various caterer and food producers, our bread crates have become a popular solution for those who want to keep their wastage to a minimum. Along with our high-quality, smooth-rolling bread trolleys, whether you are producing bread, pizzas, cakes or other types of baked confectionery, we are sure you’ll get the storage and transport you need at the price you can afford.

Hygienic and Moveable: Bread Crates For Sale

Of course, one of the most important issues that bakeries and food producers face is that of hygiene. The need for appropriate, provable company standards only increases over time, and your storage and transport solutions should reflect them as well. Along with the materials used, it means that your crates and storage racks must be free from damage and easy to move.

It is with these issues in mind that we’ve made all our bread crates for sale with hygienic, durable materials that both allow for appropriate cooling and movement between areas without cross-contamination. Our main product features are as follows:

Plastic Bread Crates: Bread Crate

Made with food-grade polypropylene, this is a tough, robust crate that is also very lightweight. It offers a simple but effective design with a staggered hole base to reduce damage to the products and is also made to be stackable. It is a spacious design as well, meant for large quantities and covers 690mm by 595mm per crate, and with handles on either side for easy transportation.

Of course, not all baked goods can be transported by hand, and we also offer the perfect solution for quick, stable transportation. Our Bread Dollies are created to carry a maximum of 300kg and are, like our plastic bread crates, made with hygienic materials with rounded corners to keep them safe. They can come in a variety of colours (white, green, blue, red) with a washable base and non-marking white nylon wheels to keep your floor surfaces clean and hygienic. They also come both as single stack dollies or as doubles stacks.

As with many of our products, there are a host of adaptable options for all these products, including different wheels based on your floor surfaces, and we’re always ready to take requests if you have something specific you are after.

Bakery Crates For Sale: Get Your Order in Today!

Whether you’ve got a big order coming in for your catering business or have finally taken the plunge and set up your own bakery for the first time, we’re here to help. It’s been a joy for us to see our customers go from strength to strength and we’d love to help you get what you need to thrive as well. Give us a call today and we’ll see if there is anything else we can draw your attention to in our catalogue even if you are just after our bakery crates for sale!

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