150mm Cast Iron Wheel | 20mm Axle Diameter (CI611-M20)

Product Name : 150mm Wheel

DIAMETER(mm): 150mm

TYRE WIDTH(mm): 45

BOSS WIDTH(mm): 60


BEARING TYPE: Plain Bearing

LOAD CAPACITY(kg): 600/450


Richmond Cast Iron wheels are consistently used by industry because of the extremely low rolling resistance and their long lasting nature. Cast Iron is resistant to most chemicals however cast iron is known to damage concrete floors over time.The CI611-M20 manufactured by Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. is a 150mm diameter cast iron wheel with a top load capacity of 600kg and has a tyre width of 45mm.The following Richmond castors use this wheel (not necessarily with the same axle diameter) R6051, S6050, R6711, S6710.This wheel is designed to suit 20mm axles and this wheel is available for the following alternative axle size: 1/2 inch (12.7mm), 3/4 inch (19.05mm).

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