125mm Swivel Light Industrial Castor (S5504B)

$41.32 inc GST

Wheel Diameter: 125mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel with Brake

Wheel Width: 32mm

Wheel Type: Rebound Rubber

Wheel Code: RR5573

Wheel Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Castor Height: 160mm

Swivel Radius: 110mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 100kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 80kg

Available with a large range of wheels each designed to suit varied floor surfaces, application and load requirements – Richmond’s Light Industrial Series castors are ideal for use on mobile equipment, hospital equipment, nurseries, shops and general industry. The light industrial series is the castor of choice or green grocers and market stalls for produce bins as it provides an economical hard wearing reliable castor. Combining a zinc plated corrosion resistant frame and a robust twin race swivel ensures a long and productive life.

The S5504B by Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. is a swivel frame castor and is fitted with a rebound rubber wheel. This swivel castor is one of our light industrial series range and has a maximum capacity of 100kg. The S5504B is assembled with ball bearings on the castors axle. The swivel frame of this castor allows the castor to swivel 360°. The outside diameter of the rebound rubber wheel is 125mm, the wheel width is 32mm and can be ordered separately (RR5573). For the same castor without a brake, see S5504.

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