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Gravity Conveyor


A gravity conveyor frame is an essential component of any gravity conveyor system, allowing for goods to easily be transported from one location to another.

Constructed from durable and hard-wearing materials, our conveyor frames can be relied on to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your gravity conveyor system. They’re also available in multiple configurations to suit your specific needs.


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Extra gravity frames are often necessary when you want to make your conveyor line longer to suit the needs of your business. Simply add as many rollers as you require to safely and securely carry your products along the conveyor.

Our sturdy gravity frames come in varying widths that range from 290mm to 600mm, as well as lengths ranging from 1500mm to 3000m.. Each piece is also easily fitted, so you can adjust your line quickly and easily in order to get things moving again as soon as possible.

Have any questions about our gravity frames? Give us a call today on 0800 61 71 87 or send an email to nzsales@richmondnzl.com. Whatever your specific needs may be, we can provide expert advice to help you get set up.