Pneumatic Series Castors

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Showing all 4 results

Pneumatic castors contain wheels that are filled with air. Pneumatic castors are designed for low speed applications where you need to move equipment over rough surfaces. They provide shock absorption and quiet operation, as well as cushioning when bumps are encountered. This makes them ideal for moving fragile goods and delicate materials, and they can also be used on rougher terrains too, whether it is grass or a gravelled path.

Pneumatic casters and rubber castors are also popular for indoor use in various settings, including hospitals, hotels, scientific and electronic laboratories, department stores, TV studios, and more.


Richmond NZ is known for providing a wide range of quality wheels and castors to its customers. This also remains true for this particular series of casters. Our team of experts design some of the best rubber castors from high-quality raw materials, ensuring hard-wearing pneumatic casters that deliver exceptional performance. We also adhere to the highest industry standards and only supply the best products to our clientele.

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