Stainless Steel Ball Transfer 25.4mm Roller Diameter (BTR016)

Product Name: Stainless Steel Ball Transfer

Roller Diameter (mm): 25.4

Overall Diameter(mm): 41

Thread: 10mm x 17mm(L)

Roller Material: Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Load Capacity (kg): 45

Commonly used around presses, guillotines and machining centres, Richmond’s Ball Transfer enable smooth and simple transfers of objects in any direction. Multi-directional movement is essential where the need to move heavy loads is paramount. Consisting of a large load bearing roller sitting upon many smaller balls encapsulated in a cup the engineering in this design makes for a perfect transfer station from one conveyor to another. Richmond can customise ball transfer tables to suit your application whether the requirement is for a recessed transfer table or a multiple ball transfers in a designated area.

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