Battery Electric Single Scissor Lift Table 500kg (SLR022)

Product Name : Battery Electric Single Scissor Lift Table

Capacity (kg): 500

Table size: 1010×520

Max Table Height: 950

Min Table Height (mm): 450

Lifting Time (sec): 6

Overall size: 1010×520

  When manual scissor lift tables start being used most hours of a shift it makes real sense to move to powered versions on productivity considerations alone. They lift at more than twice the speed of manual models and height changes can be done whilst the lifter is being moved into position. The operator’s physical effort is removed and the height positioning is completely accurate at the push of a button. Richmond’s Battery Electric Single Scissor Lift Table provides the flexibility of all these functions. The onboard single phase battery charger means that it is easy to plug it in at the end of the Shift so it’s ready for the next day. Highly maneuverable and compact electric table lifters are irreplaceable companions for many businesses and changing work positions.

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