250mm Balloon Tyre Beach Wheel (BEACH10-20)

$93.56 inc GST

Richmond’s beach wheels offer an easy rolling solution for navigating soft and uneven terrain. Made from a polyurethane balloon tyre on a plastic hub, these wheels are perfect for use on soft sand, mud, gravel, grass and rock. These wheels can also handle harder surfaces such as concrete footpaths and roads. The sturdy balloon tyre displaces the weight on uneven surfaces and offers bounce-back qualities that keep the load moving.

Diameter: 250mm

Tyre Width: 120mm

Boss Width: 74mm

Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Axle Diameter: 20mm

Bearing Type: Plain bore

Load Capacity: 55kg

Please note: Beach wheels are designed to be inflated to a rating of 2-4 PSI only. They are meant to be slightly squishy like a balloon. 

A bicycle pump is best for inflation. Compressed air can be used but care must be taken to ensure the wheels are not over-inflated.

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