200mm Nylon Wheel 380kg Capacity Castor (R8141)

Wheel Diameter: 200mm

Castor Frame Type: Rigid

Wheel Width: 50mm

Wheel Type: Nylon

Wheel Code: NY802

Wheel Bearing Type: Stainless Steel Roller Bearing

Castor Height: 237mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 380kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 350kg

Ideal for use in wet areas or where frequent wash down is necessary, such as food processing, handling or health industries in which corrosive conditions are common, Richmond offers a pressed stainless steel castor with unrivalled finish and performance. Richmond’s Stainless Steel Excel Plate castors features a swivel lock and brake and can be transported when assembled with a rebound polyurethane wheel. Further to the performance of this castor series high temperature wheel options are available for bakery and oven applications.

The R8141 from Richmond is a rigid frame castor and features a nylon wheel. This rigid castor is in our stainless steel excel plate range and has a maximum capacity of 380kg. The R8141 wheel is fitted with stainless steel roller bearings and is mounted with the baseplate. The rigid frame allows for steering only when used with swivel castors. The outside diameter of the nylon wheel is 200mm, the wheel width is 50mm and you can order separately (Part Number: NY802).

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