150mm Bolt Hole 300 Series Castor (S6216B)

$137.10 inc GST

Wheel Diameter: 150mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel with Brake

Wheel Width: 40mm

Wheel Type: Rebound Polyurethane

Wheel Code: RP6072

Wheel Bearing Type: Stainless Steel Roller Bearing

Castor Height: 181mm

Swivel Radius: 150mm

Bolt Hole Size: 12mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 300kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 250kg

Richmond’s premier industrial bolt hole castor designed with strengthen forks and now a larger rolling diameter suitable for loads up to 300kg, the 300 series is suitable for applications including warehouse trolleys, mobile racks and display equipment. The ability to add various fittings including pre fitted threaded inserts, solid drilled metal pintles, expanding pintles or a single bolt and the vast wheel combinations available with this series provides endless mobility for industrial environments and trolleys in demanding applications.

The S6216B manufactured by Richmond is a swivel frame castor and uses a rebound polyurethane wheel. This swivel castor is part of our 300 series bolt hole range and has a top load capacity of 300kg. The S6216B uses stainless steel roller bearings for wheel rotation and is bolt mount. The swivel frame of this castor allows for full 360° swivel rotation. The rebound polyurethane wheel diameter is 150mm, the wheel width is 40mm and you can order separately (Part Number: RP6072). For the same castor without a brake, see S6216.

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