125mm Rubber Wheel 180kg Capacity Castor (S5502D)

Wheel Diameter: 125mm

Wheel Width: 50mm

Wheel Type: Rubber Tyre on Cast Iron

Wheel Code: RT5547

Wheel Bearing Type: Roller Bearing

Castor Height: 165mm

Swivel Radius: 160mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 180kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 130kg

Richmond Heavy Industrial Series castor has been developed to meet the exacting demands of customers wanting castors capable of being transported long distances. Logistics, manufacturing, display and exhibition services are just some of the common businesses relying on our heavy industrial series castors daily. Zinc plated to provide corrosion resistance, a grease nipple to maintain smooth operation and an industry leading swivel lock and brake design all combined with a 6mm baseplate thickness and welded forks that provide uncompromised strength and resistance to flexing.

The 125mm Rubber Wheel Richmond Castor – S5502D is part of our comprehensive range of heavy industrial castors. The wheel is supplied with Roller Bearings and the wheel diameter is 125mm (5″). To view the Rubber wheel click here. This heavy industrial castor has a load capacity of 180kg and features a directional lock. The swivel frame of this castor allows full360° rotation of the castor.

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