100mm Polyurethane Wheel 80/60kg Capacity Medical Castor (S4312)

$64.85 inc GST

Wheel Diameter: 100mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel

Wheel Type: Polyurethane

Wheel Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Castor Height: 123mm

Swivel Radius: 80mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 100kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 80kg

The Medi Twin is a non-marking, modern designed medical castor fitted with precision ball bearings. Its stylish appearance and polyurethane tyres provide a smooth ride a directional lock is available for straight line tracking or free movement. Richmond’s Medi Twin castor is suited to high end medical carts and monitor trolleys.

The S4312 manufactured by Richmond is a swivel frame castor and features 2 polyurethane wheels. This swivel castor is one of our medical range and can safely take loads up to 80kg. The S4312 is assembled with ball bearings on the castors axle. This castors swivel frame permits the load to be steered. The overall polyurethane wheels diameter is 100mm, the wheels width is 2x16mm. To order this castor with a brake, search for S4312B.

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