Plastic Centred Pneumatic Wheels

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At Richmond NZ, we stock plastic centre pneumatic wheels in a variety of specifications and tread patterns. Our products range from as small as 215mm to as large as 420mm in diameter, and are available in diamond tread, knobby tread, turf tread and lug tread configurations. Featuring a high-quality plastic rim that is resistant to corrosion and rust, our selection of plastic wheels are suitable for a range of industries and applications in wet or damp environments. They can be used on hand trucks, nursery trolleys, agricultural equipment, and more. The lightweight design of our plastic wheels help maximise manoeuvrability and ease of use while also providing a cost-effective alternative to steel rimmed pneumatic wheels. You can rest assured that Richmond NZ stocks the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Get in touch with Richmond NZ today for the very best plastic wheels in NZ. Call 0800 61 71 81 or fill out our online contact form.