Easy Tilt Hand Trolleys

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Showing all 10 results

Our range of easy tilt hand trolleys and gas bottle trolleys can halve the amount of effort needed to tilt a load off from the ground. This is due to the foot operated lever that’s spring-loaded, tilting the wheel axle into an optimum position for lifting and moving the load.

A fantastic option when you need a heavy duty steel trolley that will last a long time, this trolley features fantastic ergonomics that allow it to do most of the hard work for you.


This easy tilt trolley has three varied designs available to choose from:

  •  A square framed trolley with high flat load support that’s ideal for moving objects such as boxes and crates.
  • A twin handle model which features a curved back and drum hook, allowing for safe transportation of everything from drums, kegs and sacks through to boxes, crates and tubs.
  • A high framed trolley that includes double loop handles, a wide curved frame, large durable wheels, and wider surfaces. Ideal for use as a gas bottle trolley, this option is able to carry larger items such as fridges, bottles, and large boxes.

To find out which of our easy tilt trolleys is right for your specific needs, speak to the experts at Richmond NZ today. Whether you need gas bottle trolleys, a square framed trolley, or something else, we’ll help you find the best option.

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