Load Skates

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Showing all 9 results

Our load skates available for sale in NZ offer an alternative way of moving heavy objects or machinery in warehouses and factories. Specifically designed to facilitate the positioning and installation of a wide range of equipment, these load skates are solidly built using the highest grade of durable materials and components.


Ideal for moving heavy warehouse equipment, machinery, and much more, our NZ load skates come with either nylon or steel wheels and are adjustable to accommodate your specific needs. Suitable for loads up to 24 tonnes, our skates are fitted with handles for easy positioning once the load is lifted using a roller crow bar or jack. The skate platform also comes with a built-in rubber surface that serves to protect and stabilise the load, ensuring your goods are transported safely while minimising safety risks for workers using the skates.

We also offer load skate kits that can carry up to 60 tonnes and are designed and engineered to perform specialist tasks. Featuring precise steering control, they have the ability to manoeuvre heavy items and large machinery with ease. These load skate kits also come with their own storage container on wheels, providing an economical solution for transporting heavy goods within short distances.


As Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of material handling equipment, we pride ourselves on delivering only the best products to our customers. If you require more information about our load skates, or if you wish to place an order, don’t hesitate to call us today!